Gaslight at St Kilda Shul: the Orthodox war against LGBTQI Jews continues

. St Kilda Shul hires out-and-proud anti-LGBTQI rights guy, Pessach Steinberg, as activities director
. When confronted with the extreme shitness of this decision, St Kilda Shul CEO, Ronnie Figdor, pretends there’s no problem.
. Both Figdor and Steinberg are guilty of gaslighting women,

What is St Kilda Shul thinking?

When confronted with the fact that St Kilda Shul had hired a manifestly anti-LGBTQI rights activities director, St Kilda Shul CEO, Rabbi Ronnie Figdor made out like the accusation was crazy while Rabbi Yaakov Glasman made out like he had no idea what was going on.

Trying to make someone think something isn’t real – and is just a figment of their imagination – when in reality, it *is* real is known colloquially as ‘gaslighting‘. It’s a sickening tactic that is often used by the powerful against the vulnerable.

It is not just dishonest. It is not just cruel. It is potentially one of the gravest forms of psychological abuse there is.

Whether Ronnie Figdor engaged in gaslighting intentionally, we probably will never know. But when a congregant approached him, in a highly distressed state, trying to tell him that Pessach Steinberg is not fit for any pastoral role in the community because of his very public anti-LGBTQI comments, Ronnie’s dismissive attitude was classic gaslighting.

So for the benefit of Ronnie, St Kilda Shul congregants, Yankie Glasman, and the entire community, Kvetchr is going to create a repository of some of Pessach Steinberg’s more incendiary comments.

The sickest irony in all of this, is that when Pessach was challenged about his rank homophobia earlier this year, he himself actively gaslighted his interlocutor, implying she needed his pastoral care for daring to call his homophobia out.

When asked for a simple yes or no answer regarding the deadly ‘conversion therapy‘ whereby pseudoscience is employed to ‘convert’ same sex attracted people to heterosexuality – often leading to self harm and suicide – Pessach Steinberg refused to condemn it.

Conversion therapy is so notoriously harmful that not only is it being outlawed throughout the United States and Israel, even the highly conservative Rabbinical Council of America has condemned it.

Click on the thumbnails to see the screenshots in full size.

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